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1st- Madrasah reopens on the 8th of September Insha Allah.



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 Our Mosque - Event June 2015:
              Shropshire Islamic Foundation is hosting a a BBQ lunch event at King Street Project site on 7/06/15. Request all brothers and Sisters to participate and support our local Mosque.
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SEERAT-UN-NABI EVENT 2015: an educational event hosted by Shropshire Islamic Foundation. 
To read more about this event which took place on the 22/02/15, please click here.


Shropshire Islamic Foundation is a registered Islamic charity. It incorporates the Telford Central Mosque and Telford Islamic Academy.

The Foundation has its headquarters in the West Midland’s town of Telford, within the scenic county of Shropshire. Telford is 48 kilometres west of Birmingham.

For a number of years we have been working very hard in order to convert a large complex of buildings at King Street, Wellington into a state-of-the-art Mosque. Our vision will see 900 Muslims praying in a spacious and comfortable Mosque. The new facilities will include an area designated for ladies – which our current Mosque has not catered for.

Our Academy will allow us to develop a student-centred curriculum to address the needs of our students. Our centre will allow for activities in which the whole community can participate in. This is our vision.

This project will cost in the region of £1.2 million from commencement to completion.  In order to avoid our project halting, we appeal to you for your help. Donate now, and help us build a house of Allah, a noble project, building a future for Muslims and the wider community.


How you can help:

  • DONATEwe accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, standing order or via our website
  • QARD-E-HASNAoffer us a goodwill Islamic loan – we will pay back every penny
  • VOLUNTEER – raise money for us by working with our Fundraising Officers


“If you offer up to Allah a goodly loan, He will amply repay you for it, and will forgive you your sins: for Allah is ever responsive to gratitude, forbearing.”Qur’an 64:17




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